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Hi I’m Jazz let me tell you about myself. I’m 13 I’d like to think my life is interesting but it’s not really; well actually I don’t really know. What’s the average amount of interesting in a regular person’s life? Maybe you can tell my in the comments. Well I guess this is my blog I don’t quite know if I’m into writing blogs, The main reason I built this website was to do some coding. I really enjoy it. So this is called about me so let me tell you about me. (I’m really good at that.) So my hobbies are flying planes and inventing new types of energy sources and microwave popcorn. Yeah ok that’s not true. My hobbies are taekwondo, swimming, roller blading and coding. When I’m an adult I want to be a pilot, architect and do IT. My favorite TV shows are Full House and Boy Meets World.

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