Jan 3 7:45 PM

HI I literraly haven’t been on this site in ages so here’s an update umm yeah we just got a boat just a little tinny so we got our boat lisences today and we went to siuths lake to ride the boogie board on the back of the boat.

Nov 10 2:41 PM


Whats up i’m going to swimming soon just been learning some digital marketing on google and found this cool plug-in for contact info so you guys can see my Instagram and e-mail me if you’d like so yeah. Swimming club has started up here in Walcha so ill be leaving soon so yeah life been okay. We might be getting to go on a holiday soon so that’s exiting ill tell you how that goes and maybe get my boat license in a couple months so that’s gonna be fun. See ya! Bye.


Update #1

Hey guys I haven’t been on recently so I’m gonna give you guys in update on life now. I’ll probably add things here for you guys once a week but no promises. Now I just recently got my next level in taekwondo so I’ve been practicing heaps to get my black belt. To get my black belt I have to spar for 10 minutes straight ten times then spar for 45 minutes straight including sparring 5 other black belts so I’m pretty stressed. We’ll see you next week. Bye🤯🤯🐿